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Born Again Christians Discussion started by Born Again Christians 7 months ago
Pastor Russell  himself gave instructions on how to distinguish false prophets. 

 He said“Jehovah, the God of the true prophets, will  put all false prophets to shame either by not fulfilling the false predictions of such self-assuming prophets or by 

 having His own prophecies fulfilled in a way opposite to that of the false prophets. False prophets will try to hide their reason for feeling shame by denying who  

they really are.” (taken from Paradise Restored to Mankind by Theocracy,  

Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, 1972. Pp. 353, 354 
A careful examination of various Society publications reveals that they have made statements and predictions over the years that have not been true or have not come to pass. If we use Russell’s statement we see that these Society prophets, including himself, are false.  

The NWT warns of the dangers of following false prophets. 
Matthew 24: 11 And many false prophets will arise and mislead many; 
1 John 4: 1 Beloved ones, do not believe every inspired expression, but test the  

inspired expressions to see whether they originate with God, because many false prophets have gone forth into the world. 

This is why it’s essential to put our faith in the Word of God only and not the words of men. The Bible has been given by the inspiration of God to us so that we can know Him and His ways and precepts.  
2 Timothy 3: 16 All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work. 
The Bible is complete. Beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation there is no need for additional teaching or doctrine. It is complete and we are warned against adding to it or taking away from it. There is no ‘new light’ in God’s word. 
Revelation 22: 19 and if anyone takes anything away from the words of the scroll of this prophecy, God will take his portion away from the trees of life and out of the holy city, things which are written about in this scroll. 
Search the scriptures and know them. Relying on external publications will lead you into false teachings and practices. Only by knowing the truth can you be set free. 
John 3: 31 And so Jesus went on to say to the Jews that had believed him: “If YOU remain in my word, YOU are really my disciples, 32 and YOU will know the truth, and the truth will set YOU free.”