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times Joshua Chavez sad attck on Justin Peters and Phil Johnston

2 weeks 5 days ago #174 by Born Again Christians

Such an awful attack on two of the most genuine loving teachers of the Word of God, Justin Peters and Phil Johnston by Joshua Chavez.

Joshua takes a 10 second clip of an interview of Justin with Doreen Virtue and absolutely bare face lies about the ministry beliefs of Justin and Phil and the conversion of Doreen, who came out of the New Age movement through hearing the Gospel through Alistair Begg.

Joshua Chavez made a video attacking me (and Phil Johnson) for doing an interview with Doreen Virtue. This is his latest dishonest attack on me and other men in the ministry. If all one knew was what Joshua presented in his video, there would indeed be cause for concern. Many people have emailed me asking genuine questions. His video seems to be compelling. It seems compelling, that is, until you know the full story and see the full interview I did with Doreen. He used but a 10 second clip from an hour-long interview and showed that 10 seconds over and over.

You will see that he is either being grossly negligent (and therefore immensely hypocritical) or is intentionally lying.

I will give you the full story and the full context. I will read to you emails exchanged between Doreen and myself. I want you to hear from her.

Phil Johnson wrote an earlier article responding to Joshua's attacks and in it includes links to much more detailed information about the latter's dishonesty and ungodly behavior. You may view that here:

His sin is not, of course, in and of itself a good thing. But, my prayer is that this response will not only bring his deception to light, but also be a lesson for all of us in Proverbs 18:17.

If you would like to watch an entire sermon I preached on how God does and does not speak today, please watch:


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