Alternative Jesus - Alt-Jesus, what is it?

Alternative Jesus - Alt-Jesus, what is it?

We had a mention on Twitter about a picture giving quotes of opposite sayings of Jesus where the Twitter handler wrote "American taliban christians are so far from Jesus you can get ...…"


The protest in the pictures must be for the election of President Donald Trump and the politics of the Republican Party. 

I don't know much about American politics but read some of the party leaders are Christians and I suppose have to make harsh decisions that aren't inline with their Christian beliefs, making them hypocrites. Many Americans call themselves born again but aren't, they go by making a decision they made through emotion at a alter-call. They haven't been supernaturally born again through the work of the Holy Spirit.

I feel Church leaders should be carful with being around the President and administration and just pray for them as the Bible tells us in 1 Timothy 2:1-4.

I think the Presidential Prayer Breakfast or now its called National Prayer Breakfast is held every year, which seems fine but I think President Donald Trump has a regular meetings with a council of evangelical leaders and I think this is unhealthy.




What are the points the protesters are making.

  1. Fear Everyone.
  2. Expel the Stranger.
  3. Blame the poor.
  4. Ignore the sick.
  5. Feed the rich.
  6. Love thyself.
  7. Trust only Caesar. 
  8. Throw lots of stones.

These points read like what society is all about these days even here in Scotland. Everyone is out for themselves to make themselves look good on their Facebook profiles.


Some of the searches I did on alt-Jesus came up with Atheistic pictures and sites, this is a good thing that they do have some belief in Jesus. Just pray that one day they will be saved.   


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