I have been going to church off on on all my life. I went to church in my mother's belly. I have watched false doctrines come in for a long time. I... Show more

One thing people don't consider about the Tribulation is the air. You have all the grass and most of the trees burning up. You have meteorite... Show more

It is said never talk religion or politics. I find this to be true. I want to talk Bible a lot but the problem I run into is that everyone I try to... Show more

The reason the Jews had such a hard time finding Jesus was: One man was going around preaching and doing miracles. Then 12 more, then 70 more. The... Show more

Back when I first got into the Bible I started at the back like I do many things. I was excited by it. End times prophesy is one of my favorite... Show more

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Jesus is looking for a church without spot or wrinkle. What are His chances of finding it today? We are warned about people having itching ears and... Show more

Quite a few years ago I picked up a gospel tract that said to read the gospel of John 5 times and read I Corinthians 13 and Hebrews 11 every day. It... Show more

My heat goes out to the modern women. The enemy is playing on their hearts and minds like never before. Equality doctrines are leading them away... Show more

There has been a great falling away from the authority of God's Word. About 5 years ago I was going through a particularly bad attack of satan. I... Show more

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Scary business.

4 British Pilots Died, in 1 Week!

It's very sad that for over 2,000 years false teachings have been invading the church. As soon as the church began false teachers came in teaching... Show more

The Holy Spirt is omnipresent. If the Holy spirit leaves the earth just before the Rapture then nobody could make it to the First Resurrection at... Show more