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3 months 1 week ago #16 by Born Again Christians

An article from Reuters titled London murder rate overtakes New York as knife crime rises shares the shocking news of rising knife here in the UK especially in London. Every morning I am hearing on the news that someone has been murdered.

We are living in such a dark world and it seems to be nowhere to go and stop it. There needs to be a culture change, and this can only be done through the power of prayer.

The situation in London seems to aggressive with stop and search, stopping knifes being sold online and having to prove your an adult to buy in shops. I feel this won't work as its easy to get knifes from criminal adults involved in gangs.

This idea BBC 5 live at with Watts Gang Task Force, sounds great and think here in Scotland with Strathclyde police years ago used this idea and it worked. The change has to be cultural, maybe churches can be a base point for people to meet. The police, community/government leaders, ex gang and gang members need to get together.

Be praying!!

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