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Topic-icon 7 Reasons the Catholic church is wrong

1 week 2 days ago #31 by Born Again Christians

Dr. John Barnett's of Shares 7 Reasons the Catholic church is wrong.

1. The false doctrine of Christ re-crucifixion offered repeatedly in the Mass, where in scripture is says Christ offered His sacrifice "once" and "once for all." In Hebrews 10
2. The inordinate place of Mary as the queen if heaven, where Mary said “God my saviour” in Luke 1:47. She needed forgiveness and a saviour just like us.
3. The venerate tradition over scripture.
4. Veneration worship of scripture.
5. False teaching of the sacraments.
6. Teaching of Purgatory is false.
7. Roman Catholicism is tied to ancient paganism.

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