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compress Fighting for the Faith - Prasch and Burn!

1 week 2 days ago #199 by Born Again Christians

Pirate Christian Article:
Phil Johsons’s Article:

0:00 Opening Thoughts
01:19 The REAL Reason "Servus Christi" attacks John MacArthur & Others
08:30 Jacob Prasch's Doomsday Narrative
01:01:47 Jacob Prasch Unhinged
01:07:16 Documentation of Prasch's Decades of Abuse
01:12:43 Proof Lydia Chavez Has JMac Derangement Syndrome
01:15:01 What JMac Actually Said About the Mark of Beast
01:20:39 Interview With Phil Johnson RE: The Mark of the Beast
01:47:45 What the Bible Teaches RE: The Mark of the Beast

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