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Topic-icon How Bob Dylan embraced Jesus in a born-again period lasting three years

3 months 3 weeks ago #48 by Born Again Christians

There is more power in this man's songs and some of his songs. The song "ain't no man righteous no not one" and "I believe" are powerful songs. And then he is singing with the Greatful Dead "Gonna Change My Way of Thinking"...
Oh wow.

How Bob Dylan embraced Jesus in a born-again period lasting three years

The musician’s latest addition to the Bootleg series, ‘Trouble No More’, reveals a period of his life from 1979 to 1981 when he converted to evangelical Christianity, which is reflected in songs such as ‘I Believe in You’ and ‘When He Returns’

When He Returns [San Francisco, November 1979]

Bob Dylan, I Believe In You (Live 1980)

Bob Dylan - Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody

Bob Dylan - When You Gonna Wake Up (Oslo, Norway - July 9, 1981)

Dylan and the Dead Gonna Change My Way of Thinking May 1987...San Rafael, CA

Bob Dylan "Saved"-Trouble No More

BOB DYLAN - Saving Grace (Johnstown - August 29, 2012) [audio]

Amazon Music Streaming Site for Bob Dylan album "Trouble No More":

Full Concert: (I haven't reviewed it:)

Bob Dylan - San Francisco, CA, Fox Warfield Theatre (16th November 1979) [Full Concert, Final Night]

Bob Dylan - ain't no man righteous no not one (sung by someone else)

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