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Topic-icon Be firm in the Word of God by Peter J Gordon

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Be firm in the Word of God - Peter J Gordon
Luke 6:39-40

39 And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch? 40 The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is perfect shall be as his master.

In this passage the Lord is addressing the crowd and the matter he raises is the responsibility that comes with power and position.

Through popular media today we can be easily influenced to think or act in certain ways. Our government and major business use the media to their benefit. We can easily be influenced and lead into deception by propaganda and peer pressure.

Groups like atheists, humanist, agnostics and freethinkers like goths often think that they are influenced by no one. The freethinking gothic sects feel they have broken away from the main stream world or the moral codes of society by the way they talk, act and dress. I have seen personally this culture and its funny how they all listen to the same kind of music, go to the same clothes shops and websites, everything has the same style. So, in all reality they are not freethinkers but just plain goths who follow gothic ideas.

As Christians we need to be able to discern what teachings and doctrines we accept as fundamental basics of our faith. We also need to listen to ministers of the Word to ensure they’re adhering closely to the Word of God.

This is what Jesus is getting at in this passage where he addresses the power of leadership and influence by pointing out 3 things.

1...The destructive leadership of the Pharisees.
2...Challenges us to seek out good godly leaders.
3...And for us to influence people ourselves.

Point 1, verse 39 Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they both fall into a pit? Here he is calling the Pharisees blind, and would you like to be lead by a blind man? With no stick to guide you. Where he could put you in danger by crossing a busy road or bumping into obstacles.
Similarly, we wouldn’t like to be led by spiritually blind leaders who could lead us into a pit and into serious harm. When we listen to ministers of the Word the Bible, we need to compare what they’re teaching with the Word of God and ensure it measures up.

Point 2 Verse 40 says A disciple is not above his teacher. We see here the leaders have a position of superiority over the disciple as he learns. A good teacher will have a humble heart and won’t have an arrogant attitude towards his student.

Myself, in some ways, have been under teaching that I felt was great. I was impressed by a particular man’s teaching and then I heard him preach in tongues saying it was a sign of salvation to have this gift. I screamed to myself NO! I felt I had to stop listening to this minister and had to seek a teacher that would be solid in teaching virtues like the importance of a good prayer life, diligent study of scripture, a close personal relationship with the Lord. He made the Lord ruler of his life.

Point 3 When we read this quote “but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.” It brings upon us a big responsibility. When we are trained and able to teach we need to be right with our walk with the Lord and a good prayer life, but also to listen carefully and not think we know it all. We must be ready to humbly teach those who are new in faith whilst constantly discerning the things of God through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Being part of a good church or ministry gives us firm grounding in how to teach properly, but we still need to keep alert, discerning and studying what we hear. Let us remain humble, remembering that we’ve been given a great responsibility and its only through the power of the Holy Ghost and not through our own wisdom there were able to minister the Word of God to others.

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