Abuse and rape at Aston Hall psychiatric hospital

Abuse and rape at Aston Hall psychiatric hospital

I was listening late last night on BBC 5 Live and reading the BBC Article about the abuse and rape at Aston Hall psychiatric hospital. The interviews have been horrific with children being drugged and raped by a former manager who is now dead Dr Kenneth Milner.

I am thinking to myself the other staff involved if they are still alive they should be arrested and taken to court for jail.
A quote from one of the former patients said it was “pure hell” I can’t imagine being trapped in a place like this and probably today there is issues like this in other hospitals.

The mistrust in places like this is incomprehensible and I pray if you have come out of this living hell there is a God who loves you and will never fail you. His love for you is pure and real has it says in Romans 8:31 ESV, What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be[a against us?

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