Under attack from Coronavirus-Covid-19

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Monday 9th March 2020

We are living in perilous times with millions dying from famine and wars, 10 serious conflicts of war around the world and over 10 countries suffering from famine.  


Now since sin came into the world through Adam and Eve, we have had viruses that reproduce inside living creatures both human and animal. These are the only environments where viruses can live and then pass on or spread to others.

There isn't a cure for some viruses, but some antiviral medicines do treat viral infections. You can get treatments that help with the symptoms.

A few weeks ago, I had Labyrinthitis which was viral and the only treatment I could get was for the sickness caused by the vertigo. I could have had a bacterial infection where antibiotics would have helped but my symptoms were viral.

Here in Scotland people can get a yearly flu jab or flu vaccines that can help stop or prevent you from getting some strains of flu.

Over the thousands of years since the earth was created there have been hundreds of viruses that have been around and killed many millions of people. shares 12 of the worlds most deadliest viruses such as Marburg virus, Ebola virus, Rabies, HIV, Smallpox, Hantavirus, Influenza, Dengue, Rotavirus, SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-2 and MERS-CoV.

It is a scary statistic that HIV is probably still the deadliest virus. Since the 1980's 32 million have died as a result of complications caused by HIV. I can imagine Africa is the highest death rate with the poorest nations not being able to afford medication to help. The Terrence Higgins Trust shares on their website that medications helps to stop reproducing the virus and reduces the virus in the blood to a undetectable level where it can't be passed on to others.

But this Wuhan virus, Covid-19 has got people frightened with how fast it is spreading around the world. People are ransacking shop shelves for items like toilet roll, cleaning agents, soap, pasta, rice, canned goods and other non-perishable foods in case they need to self-isolate.

Here in Helensburgh, many of these items are also becoming increasingly difficult to find with shops selling out almost as soon as they restock.

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Under attack from Coronavirus-Covid-19

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  • Born Again Christians

    Born Again Christians

    03 April 2020 at 13:43 |
    Fear not! Remember God is Omnipotent (all-powerful), Omniscient ( all-knowing) and Omnipresent (all-present ~ He’s everywhere) by Derek Prince


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