There are two church ordinances that we as Born Again Believers observe:

The Lord's Supper

Introduction: There are many things that we ought to remember.

1. God's Memorials

  • The passover in Exodus 12 This tells us that we were to kill a lamb, sprinkle the blood over the door and then eat the lamb.
  • Jar of Manna in Exodus 16:4 This tells us that God fed His people with manna (tastes a little like wafers made from honey) during the wilderness journey
  • Taking 12 stones out of the Jordan River. Joshua 4:4
  • The anointing ointment Matthew 26:6 This is the anointing of Jesus by the woman of Bethany, she realised who Christ was, and the importance of His ministry Matthew 26:27-28


2. God's Memorial Supper 1 Corinthians 11:24

  • The broken body of Jesus Matthew 26:26
  • The shed Blood Matthew 26:27-28

The Purpose

  1. To remember what Christ has done for us
  2. To remember Christs promise of His return Matthew 26:29
  3. Personal Examination 1 Corinthians 11:28

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