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    Welcome to Born Again Christians… If you are searching for Jesus this website will help you and if you are a new believer you will grow stronger with reading the post on our forum boards. If you are a mature Christian please share your wisdom and knowledge with us…
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    The answer to this question is simple... anyone!God gave His Son that ALL men might live and none should die. This gift is for the whosoever that choose Him!! Click on our Free Gift link to find out how you can come to know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.... Read More
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Welcome to Born Again Christians

Hello and a warm welcome to Born Again Christians. My name is Peter and I’m from Scotland. It is a deep burden of mine to dedicate this site to media and video messages from the Bible.

What does it mean to be born again? Obviously you can’t be physically ‘born again’ so we’re talking about a spiritual birth. Before we accept Christ as our Saviour we are spiritually dead to sin. All men are sinners. We are born sinners and even if we try to be a ‘good’ person we will fall short of what God requires for an eternal place in Heaven with Him. We are unable to enter through any works of our own or our own self righteousness.

Before Jesus Christ was born, a little over 2000 years ago, God’s people were unable to enter directly into God’s presence. They were under the law and had to rely on animal sacrifices to atone for their sin. They relied on the chief priests to make atonement for them as a nation by observing religious festivals that were ordained by God.
Then, Jesus Christ paid the price for mans sin once and for all on the cross at Calvary. When He submitted to the will of the Father and shed His blood on that cross He made a way for each of us to enter into God’s presence. Jesus is the mediator between man and God. When we acknowledge His sacrifice and accept Him as our personal Lord and Saviour we are ‘covered’ by the blood He shed on the cross for us. We are born again!
Can anyone be born again? Absolutely! The Bible ~ Gods written word to us ~ says quite clearly that all who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13) In essence that’s what becoming a born again believer is about. It’s acknowledging sin in our life and recognising that only through Christ can we be made holy (pure) before God. Only then can we rest in the assurance that we are eternally saved.
You may have come to this site out of interest in the Christian faith, just happened across it while browsing or feel you’ve been drawn to it by some external force. Whatever brought you here I pray you’ll stay a while, read the messages and listen to some of the great Bible teachings available through the links on this site.
In the future I will be adding my own messages but please listen and watch the recommended media and I pray you will be blessed by them and convicted.



Name & Attributes of Jesus

Saviour - John 4:42 And said unto the woman, Now we believe, not because of thy saying: for we have heard him ourselves, and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviour of the world.

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Jesus is Alpha and Omega

What does it mean when Born Again Christians say that Jesus is the Alpha and Omega? Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

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Paul Washer

I have listened to Paul Washer and his team over the years and have been mightily convicted by is messages personally and professionally in our ministry. Please find more of his sermons by clicking here at Sermon Audio and you will find links to other sites of his.

Dr. Alan Cairns

I recommend you listen to Dr Alan Cairns by Clicking Here. You also can listen to him by clicking the links VCY America and Let the Bible speak Radio. I was up my homeland of Isle of Lewis and heard Dr.Cairns preach, please click here to listen to the meeting.


Rev. Aaron Dunlop from thinkGOSPEL.com runs a outreach ministry of Victoria Free Presbyterian Church, in BC, Canada. It is a passionate site sharing the gospel over the internet. I pray the video below will convict you and you search more to knowing the Lord as your personal Saviour.

Gift of Tongues by Dr. Alan Cairns

Today the subject of tongues is a big matter and some ways it is confusing with different stances on it. Dr. Cairns in these messages gives clear teaching on this subject and will truly convict you.

John MacArthur, Strange Fire

I have come across Pastor John MacArthur the last couple of years and found him to be a fantastic theologian and pastor and I feel he can be trusted in his teachings. I pray you will be blessed by what to watch and listen.Visit http://www.gty.org/ for some amazing teaching.

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John 3:3 In reply Jesus declared,"I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.


"Hello and welcome to the Born Again Christians web group. It's our hope and our prayer that anyone who visits or joins this group will be blessed by the fellowship and friendship that they find.


Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.



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